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Sunday, March 24, 2019

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Revolutionary Advertising aimed at Golfers

If you already organise golf days, have the odd four ball, or just understand the compelling demographic of the golfing community. you will understand why making an impression on the golfing community can produce such great results.

In 1838 a US department store owner, Jon Wannamaker came up with a 'diamond'  marketing quotation " Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don't' know which half" and since then advertising agencies have worked their socks to try and find the an answer.

We think the answer is Ad in The Hole.

The impressions and retention statistics that were revealed following a study by the Walter Cronkite Media Research Department, Arizona State University - Bruce D. Merrill Pd.D, Director are just amazing




  • State of Mind
    The AITH message is not in your face advertising, it takes gentle approach, Golfers are pretty well relaxed (or relieved!) when they sink the ball into the hole-cup.Th message is just sitting there almost smiling at them!
  • Advertising Impact
    Thinking about the target market, there are some amazing statistics that research has discovered.
    • The average golf round is 4 hours
    • The golfer will see the massage 50+ times
    • The ad is visible from 5 Feet
    • 91% retention rate
    • Start with a teaser
  • You can plan a campaign
    • Start with a teaser - The best thing is coming!
    • 3/4  weeks later the best thing is  4 weeks away
    • The best thing is here book a test
    • 3/4 weeks later ahve you tried the best thing yet
  • Fits all Budgets
    • Pricing to fit small, medium and large companies
    • Practice green or course options
    • Golf days and charity vents
    • and much more
    • call us or email us now 

Interested? Want to Use Ad in the Hole to promote your company?

Be part of the AITH Phenomenon


  • Standard sized hole cups
               Patented design for easy ad change
  • Key Lock system
    • Ads protected by tool only change system
  • Crystal Bright
    • High quality perspex - quality projection of your Ad
  • Course, Practice Green or both
    • Choose your package to fit your budget
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