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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Golfer Demographics

    The Golfing Fraternity.

    An Affluent Audience 

    A Financial Powerhouse 

    Golfers are high-end consumers


      Leaders and Decision Makers:


    19% more likely to consider themselves leaders

    64% more likely to be a professional

    44% more likely to be a manager

    41% more likely to be a business owner


They are:

    Entry level Professionals

  •     Sports Men & Women
  •     Senior Professionals
  •     High Net Worth Individuals
  •     Successful Entrepreneurs
  •     Business Men & Women
  •     The Retired Community
  •     Property Investors


The Average Golfer:


  •     4.5 hours per round
  •     Twice per week
On the course
  •     Is where business goes to relax, discuss (and deal)
  •     Is where the business barriers are down
  •     Is where they have the time to absorb (the speed filters are off)
  •     Is where they are looking for conversation stimulus (like your brand)