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Thursday, April 25, 2019

High profile potential customers

The Golfing Demographic

Golfers represent a huge opportunity for advertisers, they are, for many businesses, a pre selected target demographic -  Golfers are usually high earners, professional managers, home owners, prestige car owners -  the list goes on &on

Advertisers want to market to them.

Regular golfers are:

  • Overwhelmingly male (78% are men),
  • Middle aged and older (62% are aged 30-60),
  • Dominated by the managerial and professional classes (42% are AB),
  • Likely to be members of a club (47% of golfers are club members).
  • The fastest growing area of golf membership is the increasing numbers of ladies and juniors that are playing

The Challenge

Is to find a way to make an impact on golfers without compromising a golf clubs integrity or compromise the aesthetics of the course - Ad In The Hole meets that challenge.

Providing advertisers with a low cost, high impact method of promoting their business to golfers.

  • Simple system  -  The concept is brilliantly simple replace the hole cups on the course with our patented versions and the result is simply brilliant!
  • Proven advertising results? - In marketing media people talk about impressions, how many time does the target demographic view a message. The Ad In The Hole concept means more impressions for the pound than any other comparable media
  • Ease of use -  The system is so easy to install and operate, Ad In The Hole provide everything for the golf club from the equipment to the advertiser!

Great for Golf Clubs and Advertisers

 These are challenging times for many clubs, membership for clubs in the UK have reported a decline - not just due to the economic situation but also to a change in the way golfers play. Ad In The Hole can help replace lost membership revenue or top up club earnings with compromising the the course or upsetting members.
  • Subtle advertising - No banners or plaques
  • Non Intrusive - In research 92% of golfers polled had no negative reaction to the concept 
  • Highly effective - Both for Advertisers and the Golf Club