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Thursday, April 25, 2019

How it Works

Event Sponsorship

Many felt that it was a "fresh and unique" idea for their sponsors.  Something new and better than the traditional hole signs. They believed it was a much better investment for their sponsors, with better visibility and "forced viewing".  After discussing the concept and pricing, you could tell that most understood how they could make more money for their organizations either through higher sponsor package fee (with AITH included in the package), or the savings associated with "re-use" for multiple events.


Step 1 - Production & Shipping

  •  Ad In The Hole UK produces custom ad-discs and ships them pre-installed in cups ready to be installed on the greens (turn key system).

Step 2 - Keep & Use again!

  • Retain the cups and use them for your next event. (Contact us to fill your future ad-disc needs.)

Step 3 - One-Time Sponsorship or Repeat Usage

  • Include AITH in a one-time sponsorhip package or reuse them multiple times.

Ross VanDooser, GTAA-Tournament Consultant had the following comments after showing this at the ACCE (American Chamber of Commerce 2009 convention in Raleigh, NC) (see right):-

Monthly Ad Campaigns 


Step 1 - Agreements between AITH-UK and UK Golf Clubs

  •  Ad In The Hole-UK secures Agreements with U.K. golf clubs (AITH-UK “Golf Partners”) to display advertising messages in the holes on their course(s) in exchange for a % share of advertising revenue - and with no cost to the golf club.

Step 2 - Agreements between AITH-UK and Advertisers

  • Ad In The Hole-USA secures Agreements with Advertisers who wish to display their promotional messages on the courses of AITH-UK Golf Partners for a minimum 25 days each month.

  • Advertisers pay a monthly advertising fee determined by the type of course, rating, demographics and number of rounds played. Monthly fee includes the supply of ad-discs, cups and tools, as well as delivery, maintenance and marketing intelligence.

Step 3 - Sharing of revenue

  • Ad In The Hole-UK shares with Golf Partners a percentage of revenue received from Advertisers for advertising on their course(s).

  • In exchange, the AITH-UK Golf Partners agree to place cups with ad-discs in each hole, monitor for any damage and replace as needed. Ad In The Hole-USA supplies all materials - cups, ad-discs and spanners (tools) - for both the monthly (25-day) advertising Agreement and the customized discs to be used for Corporate Golfing Days.